Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Welcome to Port Blacksand!

With Ian Livingstone's new gamebook, Assassins of Allansia, featuring an appearance by everyone's tyrannical city ruler, Lord Azzur, at Fighting Fantasy Fest 3 on Saturday, part of the University of West London is being temporarily turned into Port Blacksand, featuring a host of traders and guest artists.

The artists who will have tables at the event are...
Russ Nicholson
Chris Achilleos
Duncan Smith
Alan Langford
Malcolm Barter
Tony Hough
Pete Knifton
Robert Ball

Other guests who will be signing at the Signing Table in Port Blacksand are...
Steve Jackson
Ian Livingstone
Geraldine Cooke
PJ Montgomery
Peter Darvill-Evans
Jamie Thomson
Jon Ingold
Jonathan Green

The remaining stands include...
Scholastic Books
Atlantis Miniatures
Arion Games
The Fighting Fantasy Collector
DMB Games
Bedsit Games
Choose Cthulhu
Spidermind Games
Steam Highwayman
Branching Narrative
PSC Games
John Robertson
Chameleon Comix
All Rolled Up
Fighting Fantasy Audio Dramas
Click Your Poison
Two-Fisted Fantasy
The World of Legend
Rogue's Gaming
Bring and Buy

Remember, doors open at 9:00am on Saturday 31st August, and tickets for Fighting Fantasy Fest 3 are still on sale here.

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