Friday, 19 July 2019

Steve Beales' Rhino-Men

Fighting Fantasy gamebooks are full of iconic monsters. One favourite fantasy species is the Rhino-Men, that appeared in Steve Jackson's The Citadel of Chaos and Creature of Havoc. And now miniature modeller Steve Beales has created his own Rhino-Men figures.

To find out how Steve set about creating his Rhino-Men, visit his blog Somewhere the Tea's Getting Cold.

And talking of Fighting Fantasy miniatures, remember, if you buy your ticket for Fighting Fantasy Fest 3 before 1st August you will automatically be entered into a prize draw to win 1 of 10 FF Legends models, courtesy of Atlantis Miniatures.

Sunday, 14 July 2019

Pre-order your Fighting Fantasy Fest 3 All Rolled Up game roll today!

What is an All Rolled Up game roll?

An All Rolled Up holds all your dice, pens, counters, game cards and more in a sturdy, hand-crafted roll. Your All Rolled Up game roll is a one-stop answer to getting your game to the tabletop. When you have an All Rolled Up you’re ready to go in a moment because you have all you need for your game in one place. And they are ideal for holding everything you need to take your current Fighting Fantasy gamebook with you, wherever you go.

Fighting Fantasy ARUs are Fighting Fantasy Fest in 2014.

Originally conceived in early 2013, All Rolled Up game rolls featuring Fighting Fantasy artwork appeared at Fighting Fantasy Fest in 2014, and this year, for Fighting Fantasy Fest 3, some very exclusive game rolls - featuring Duncan Smith's cover art for Steve Jackson's Fighting Fantasy - The Introductory Role-playing Game - are available to attendees.

However, there are a limited number available and half of them have already been pre-ordered. So, if you would like a Fighting Fantasy Fest 3 game roll or dice tray (or both) click on the appropriate link below - now!

Game Roll

Dice Tray

Game Roll and Dice Tray

Friday, 12 July 2019

Fighting Fantasy Fest 3 - 50 Days to Go!

There are just 50 days to go until the doors of Deathtrap Dungeon open on Fighting Fantasy Fest 3, at the University of West London in Ealing.

As well as having Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone join us on the day, there will also be a host of guest authors and artists in attendance. And not only that, there will also be a veritable Port Blacksand's worth of traders too, including Arion Games, Atlantis Miniatures, Scriptarium, All Rolled Up, Fighting Fantasy Audio Dramas, and The Fighting Fantasy Collector.

Don't forget - if you purchase your ticket before 1st August, you will automatically be entered into a prize draw to win 1 of 10 Fighting Fantasy Legends models, courtesy of Atlantis Miniatures!

Thursday, 11 July 2019

New Advanced Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks now available from DriveThruRPG

As you may already know, recently Arion Games released a number of new Advanced Fighting Fantasy titles (including one for Stellar Adventures) as part of two Bundles of Holding offers.

Now that those offers have finished, those three new books are now available from DriveThruRPG. To find out more, click on the covers below.

Arion Games will be at Fighting Fantasy Fest 3, on Saturday 31st August, running RPG sessions throughout the day. So make sure you've got your ticket, and visit their stand at the event to experience Advanced Fighting Fantasy and Stellar Adventures for yourself.