Friday, 5 August 2022

Exclusive FFF4 Zagor Figurine

Here's just another reason to attend Fighting Fantasy Fest 4 on Saturday 3rd September - a new and exclusive 75mm figurine of Zagor the Warlock created by Blue Giant Studios*, who will also be attending the convention.

The Zagor figurine will be on sale at Fighting Fantasy Fest 4 and Paul 'Pandemonium Miniatures' Cooke will be giving a demonstration of how to paint the model during the course of the day.

*Formerly Atlantis Miniatures.

Thursday, 4 August 2022

The Podcast of Firetop Mountain

There are many podcasts, Twitch streams and YouTube channels that regularly discuss Fighting Fantasy gamebooks or play through them, but the latest is definitely one that fans of the premier gamebook series are going to want to check out.

The Podcast of Firetop Mountain is a new venture by Alison Cybe and co-host Stuart Lloyd. Each episode, they take a deep dive into one of the FF adventures, starting with fan-favourite, Sir Ian Livingstone's City of Thieves.

You can listen to The Podcast of Firetop Mountain via YouTube or Spotify, as well as many other places. Next up is Steve Jackson's House of Hell, which premieres on Tuesday 9th August. So make sure you bookmark The Podcast of Firetop Mountain today.

Friday, 29 July 2022

YOU ARE THE HERO - The 40th Anniversary Edition!

YOU ARE THE HERO - The Ultimate Edition! An interactive history of Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks, 1982-2022, coming soon to Kickstarter. Sign up to be notified when it goes live here.  

Yes, you read that right - interactive! Just like your favourite Fighting Fantasy gamebooks. The book will include content from YOU ARE THE HERO Parts 1 and 2, as well as new material covering the last five yars.

So please sign up to the Kickstarter preview page and spread the word to help ensure this is the best YOU ARE THE HERO yet!

Saturday, 23 July 2022

Your last chance to preorder your FFF4 T-shirts and badges!

Six weeks today, the doors will open on Fighting Fantasy Fest 4.

Many people will be collecting their Fighting Fantasy 40th anniversary T-shirts* and badges on the day. If you have yet to preorder yours, you have until 12:00pm on Friday 29 July 2022 to do just that!

Mock-up images of the 40th anniversary T-shirts and badges.
(Artwork not final.)

The front of the T-shirt features Zagor the Warlock, by Russ Nicholson, and the Fighting Fantasy logo, while on the back are listed all the solo FF adventure gamebooks that have been published over the last 40 years - 77 in total! The badge will be an enamel pin badge.

Whether you have ordered your tickets for Fighting Fantasy Fest 4 or not, you can order your T-shirts and badges by clicking on the 'Tickets' button on the Eventbrite page and scrolling down to the Add-ons section.

But remember, you only have until 12:00pm on Friday 29 July to do so - so don't delay!

* If you have already ordered a T-shirt, you will have received an email explaining how to specify the size you require.