Friday 27 January 2023

House of Hell comes to Bulgaria while the Crystal of Storms lands in Denmark

Available now from Geny-G Ltd is the Bulgarian edition of Steve Jackson's seminal horror gamebook House of Hell.

For this edition, a new cover has been created, while the original internal illustrations by Tim Sell have been coloured.

Faraos Cigarer are also continuing to release Danish translations of Fighting Fantasy - or Sv√¶rd & Trolddom - gamebooks in Denmark. The latest titles are Rhianna Pratchett's Crystal of Storms, and Sir Ian Livingstone's Return to Firetop MountainAssassins of Allansia, and Shadow of the Giants.

To view the entire range, click this link.

Sunday 22 January 2023

The Non-OGL Fantasy RPG bundle

You may be aware of the furore surrounding Dungeons and Dragons and Wizards of the Coasts' recently, which has made many roleplayers look for alternative fantasy RPGs to play. Fans of Fighting Fantasy already know that Advanced Fighting Fantasy is a great RPG - one that can be picked up and played with ease, whilst also offering all sorts of ways of modifying and bringing nuance to your games - but, incredibly, there are still some people out there who have yet to sample its delights.

If the wonders of AFF 2nd Edition have passed you by, now is the perfect time to put right your mistake, by picking up the Bundle of Holding Non-OGL* Fantasy bundle. For $9.95 you get not just Advanced Fighting Fantasy, but an additional 4 RPGs, and there is the option to add more with the Bonus Collection.

To find out more click this link! But don't delay because there is just one week left to run on the offer.

* OGL = Open Game Licence.

Friday 20 January 2023

Are you ready to become a Superhero Sleuth?

Available now from Tin Man Games on Steam is Steve Jackson's '80s comicbook-inspired classic, Appointment with F.E.A.R.!

Tin Man first adapted the 17th Fighting Fantasy gamebook nine years ago, but this time around it's a more authentic FF experience, featuring all the powers and fights as they originally appeared, and maintaining the storylines to each of the four powers exactly as they flowed in the original adventure. Even though this has meant a complete re-coding of the gamebook, it means players can now revisit Titan City and join the wacky supervillains that are hell-bent on taking over the world!

To download Appointment with F.E.A.R. for Fighting Fantasy Classics from Steam, click this link.

Friday 6 January 2023

The Warlock Returns - Issue #8

Available now from Arion Games is Issue #8 of The Warlock Returns, the Advanced Fighting Fantasy fanzine.

In this issue you will find more new material for fans of the Advanced Fighting Fantasy Roleplaying Game and Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks, including:

* Denizens of the Pit - More of Titan's spawn from the Pit!

* Jungle - Ruins in the jungles of Titan

* The Promise of Treasure - An AFF solo game

* AFF Character Sheet - For use with your game

Director Advice Articles - Suggesting rumours and plot hooks

* The Inland Sea - King of the Four Winds

* Unlove Diaries - Director inspiration

The Legend of Gareus - Comic Strip and Agony Aunt page

* Stellar Adventures: Into the Doors of Eryx - Part II

Plus lots more!

Pick up your copy now from Arion Games via DriveThruRPG