Sunday 22 January 2023

The Non-OGL Fantasy RPG bundle

You may be aware of the furore surrounding Dungeons and Dragons and Wizards of the Coasts' recently, which has made many roleplayers look for alternative fantasy RPGs to play. Fans of Fighting Fantasy already know that Advanced Fighting Fantasy is a great RPG - one that can be picked up and played with ease, whilst also offering all sorts of ways of modifying and bringing nuance to your games - but, incredibly, there are still some people out there who have yet to sample its delights.

If the wonders of AFF 2nd Edition have passed you by, now is the perfect time to put right your mistake, by picking up the Bundle of Holding Non-OGL* Fantasy bundle. For $9.95 you get not just Advanced Fighting Fantasy, but an additional 4 RPGs, and there is the option to add more with the Bonus Collection.

To find out more click this link! But don't delay because there is just one week left to run on the offer.

* OGL = Open Game Licence.

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