Friday, 18 October 2019

Fighting Fantasy Legends - 48 hours in!

It's hard to believe that the Fighting Fantasy Legends Kickstarter by Atlantis Miniatures has only been live for 48 hours, and yet in that time it has raised almost £30,000, having achieved 243% of its original funding goal!

This means that a host of new miniatures have been unlocked, including a pair of Skeleton Warriors, Klash the Chaos Warrior (from The Port of Peril), and new sculpt of the Quag-Shugguth (from the same book), Baron Sukumvit, Lord Carnuss and Lord Azzur, and two of the assassins from Assassins of Allanisa.

Don't forget, on Sunday 20th October at 2:00pm BSTGeekGirlBookWorm will be hosting a paint-a-long of the new Lord Azzur miniature on Twitch. Not only will she be giving the miniature away, once it's painted, but she will also be giving away a signed copy of Ian Livingstone's newest Fighting Fantasy gamebook, Assassins of Allansia!

The Fighting Fantasy Legends Kickstarter campaign still has the best part of three weeks left to run, but don't delay - pledge today*!

* If you haven't already done so!

Wednesday, 16 October 2019

The Fighting Fantasy Legends Kickstarter is now live!

It's the moment you've been waiting for, especially if you weren't able to attend Fighting Fantasy Fest 3 at the end of August.

Fighting Fantasy Legends, by Atlantis Miniatures, is now funding on Kickstarter. The campaign is running for three weeks and has a funding target of £12,000.

A host of familiar Fighting Fantasy faces are being turned into three dimensional figures, including the sadistic dungeon-designer Baron Sukumvit, the witch-born sorcerer Zharradan Marr, and the Night Prince himself - Zanbar Bone!

Baron Sukumvit

Zharradan Marr

Zanbar Bone

Not only that, but on Sunday 20th October, at 2:00pm BST, GeekGirlBookWorm will be hosting a paint-a-long of the new Lord Azzur miniature on Twitch. Not only will she be giving the miniature away, once it's painted, but she will also be giving away a signed copy of Ian Livingstone's newest Fighting Fantasy gamebook, Assassins of Allansia!

Atlantis Miniatures are planning on producing a total of 41 models and there are all sorts of rewards on offer to backers of the Kickstarter, including some that will only be available through the crowdfunding campaign, and some that will only be available to those people who pledge their support early on.

So don't delay - pledge today!

Win a set of Limited Edition Deathtrap Dungeon posters!

EGX is the UK biggest gaming show and is running from Thursday 17th - Sunday 20th October as the ExCeL Centre in London.

If you're going along make sure you visit the Branching Narrative stand and sign up to their mailing list to be in with a chance of winning one of only four sets of very limited edition Deathtrap Dungeon A3 posters, featuring Iain McCaig's original illustrations for Ian Livingstone's classic adventure!

Monday, 14 October 2019

Fighting Fantasy Fest 3 TV

Top author, scriptwriter and journalist Jason Arnopp has posted a video review of his time at Fighting Fantasy Fest 3, which you can watch right here.

Not only that, but Goblin Minion James Aukett has started to upload the video recordings he made at Fighting Fantasy Fest 3 of the Strand A talks and panels, which you can watch here.

Friday, 11 October 2019

Fighting Fantasy at the Con+2 Convention

ConPlus is an annual online 24-hour tabletop RPG convention which is raising funds for renowned charity The Butterfly Project. This year's convention, Con+2, will take place on 11th October - 13th October 2019 (UTC time).
340 Prizes from 57 sponsors across the world of gaming are all being given away for free to Con+2 attendees. To win prizes all you have to do is tune in to their 24-hour World's Biggest RPG Prize Giveaway stream on YouTube and take part in the chat. You will be able to find the stream hosted here.

The livestream begins on Saturday, 12th October, at midday UTC (1:00pm in the UK, 2:00pm in Europe, 8:00am East Coast America, and 5:00am on the West Coast), although all times are approximate and subject to change.

One of the prizes that will be of interest to Fighting Fantasy fans is a signed City of Thieves Lord Azzur Miniature, from Atlantis Miniatures, and with the blister pack signed by Ian Livingstone himself. To win the signed blister and miniature, you will need to tune in to the Con+2 livestream at 18:30 UTC (which will be 7:30pm in the UK).

Fighting Fantasy in Space!

This week is World Space Week, so it seems like an apposite time to revisit a blog first posted last year about Fighting Fantasy's forays beyond the final frontier.

I wonder if anyone has ever taken a Fighting Fantasy gamebook to the International Space Station...

Saturday, 5 October 2019

Fighting Fantasy Signing at Forbidden Planet

Four weeks from today, on Saturday 2nd November 2019, from 2:00-3:00pm, Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson with be at the Forbidden Planet Megastore in London, signing the latest Fighting Fantasy releases from Scholastic Books.

Assassins of Allansia, by Ian Livingstone

Are you tough enough to survive attacks by Allansia's most dangerous and deadly assassins? After accepting a challenge to survive on Snake Island, a nightmare unfolds when a bounty is placed on your head. From being the hunter, you become the hunted. Now you must find the Assassins before they find you. But who are they? Where are they? Everybody you meet could be an assassin. Trust no-one…

Sorcery! 2: Kharé - Cityport of Traps, by Steve Jackson

Far away in the land of Kakhabad, chaos is brewing... The evil Archimage has stolen the precious Crown of Kings, intending to use its power to further his tyrannous ends. In this second book of Steve Jackson's Sorcery! series, YOU must brave the city of Kharé, where every doorway or alley conceals sudden danger. You will need all your wits about you to avoid the traps and survive the unimaginable horrors ahead... Be careful, for nothing in Kahkabad is quite as it seems...

Caverns of the Snow Witch, by Ian Livingstone

Deep within the Crystal Caves of the Icefinger Mountains, the dreaded Snow Witch is plotting to bring on a new ice age and take over the world. Will YOU be able to stop her?

So put the date in your diary, and maybe we'll see you there...

Friday, 4 October 2019

The Fighting Fantasy Legends are coming to Kickstarter

Atlantis Miniatures are launching their long-awaited Kickstarter to produce Fighting Fantasy Legends models at 1:00pm BST on Wednesday 16th October 2019. The campaign will run for three weeks and has a funding target of £12,000.

The intention is for there to be 41 miniatures in total. This includes the 21 creatures and characters sculpted by Damien Sparkes, and the Lord Azzur miniature sculpted by Dan Mark, which were on sale at Fighting Fantasy Fest 3, plus another 19 new figures.

Included among the new sculpts are everyone's favourite sailing companion, everyone's favourite barbarian, not everyone's favourite wizard, two Troll guards everyone loves to hate, and everyone's favourite fiendish dungeon designer.

Keep checking for more news, regarding rewards and limited edition items, and start saving those Gold Pieces!

Sunday, 29 September 2019

Equip yourself with a Fighting Fantasy Fest 3 T-shirt today

If you were unable to attend Fighting Fantasy Fest 3, or you did attend but didn't get the chance to pick one up, we have some event T-shirts left over that you can buy, if you wish.

The T-shirts are available in Small (34-36"), Medium (38-40"), Large (42-44"), Extra Large (46-48") and Double XL (50-52") sizes.

If you would like to purchase one (or more) simply click on the appropriate PayPal button below.

Small T-shirt (to fit chest 34-36")

Medium T-shirt (38-40")

Large T-shirt (42-44")

Extra Large T-shirt (46-48")

Double XL T-shirt (50-52")

Friday, 27 September 2019

Ian Livingstone to attend Tabletop Gaming Live

Just a quick reminder that Ian Livingstone will be attending Tabletop Gaming Live tomorrow, Saturday 28th September 2019.

You will find Ian at the Atlantis Miniatures stand throughout the day, apart from at 1:00pm, when he will be giving at table about his life in games, and running through his Top Ten favourites.

Tickets can still be purchased here, and on the door on the day.

Friday, 20 September 2019

Forthcoming Fighting Fantasy Events

Today, Friday 20th September, to celebrate the publication of Board Games In 100 Moves, Ian Livingstone will be attending a very special event at Board Games Cafe Draughts, in London's Waterloo! Tickets are still available, and with each one purchased, you get to attend a talk by Ian, a signed copy of this much anticipated book, and you will also get to take part in a gaming session where you might even find yourself play a game with the man himself!

On Saturday 28th September, Ian will be at Tabletop Gaming Live, giving a talk about his life in games. He will also run through his favourite board games of all time. The limited edition hardback of Assassins of Allansia will be on sale at the event.

And then on Saturday 30th November, Ian will be at Dragonmeet, where you will also be able to buy the limited edition hardback of Assassins of Allansia (if there are any left by then).

Monday, 16 September 2019

Board Games In 100 Moves

Ian Livingstone doesn't only write Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks, he has also recently collaborated with games designer and author James Wallis to write Board Games In 100 Moves, which relates the history, and often surprising stories, behind the games you know and love to play.

Journey through 8,000 years of history, from Ancient Egyptian Senet and Indian Snakes and Ladders, right up to role-play, fantasy and hybrid games of the present day.

More than 100 games are explored chronologically, from the most ancient to the most modern. Every chapter is full of insightful anecdotes exploring everything from design and acquisition to game play and legacy.

Discover tales of Buddha's banned games, stolen patents, boards smuggled into prison, and Dungeons & Dragons hysteria. Roll six to start, pass go, and learn more about your favourite board games, from Mahjong to Monopoly and more!

And to celebrate the publication of the brand new book, you can meet Ian Livingstone at a very special event at Board Games Cafe Draughts, in London's Waterloo! Tickets are on sale now, and with each one purchased, you get to attend a talk by Ian, a signed copy of this much anticipated book, and you will also get to take part in a gaming session where you might even find yourself play a game with the man himself!

Board Games Cafe Draughts, Waterloo.

Purchase your ticket for the launch event here, and if you can't attend you can buy Board Games In 100 Moves here.

Sunday, 15 September 2019

Play Ian Livingstone's Assassins of Allansia on Twitter...

... and, if you win, you could walk away with a complete set of the Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks published by Scholastic Books AND a print of one of Robert Ball's illustrations!

To take part, make sure you follow @scholasticuk on Twitter, and check in on Monday.

And may your STAMINA never fail!

Saturday, 7 September 2019

Fighting Fantasy Fest 3

A week ago, Fighting Fantasy fans from the world over* poured into the University of West London to enjoy a day of talks, signings, gaming and interactive shows at Fighting Fantasy Fest 3.

They were joined on the day by a host of guests, including Guests of Honour Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone, artist Russ Nicholson, and former Puffin Books commissioning editor Geraldine Cooke.

Ian Livingstone, Russ Nicholson, Steve Jackson, and Geraldine Cooke.

Highlights of the day included the release of the limited edition hardback of Ian Livingstone's new Fighting Fantasy gamebook, Assassins of Allansia, the launch of Atlantis Miniatures' FF Legends range, Steve Jackson's House of Hell LIVE, the Fighting Fantasy Auction, a special performance of John Robertson's The Dark Room, and a return to Deathtrap Dungeon.

The weekend's festivities actually kicked off on the Friday night, with the You Are The Beer-o: The Forester of Doom pub quiz, to raise funds for the UK Sepsis Trust, in memory of FF fan Neil Taylor.

The Forester of Doom Quizmaster Bryan Howarth, and You Are The Beer-o organiser James Aukett.

The winning pub quiz team, Zanbar's Rag and Bone Men.

At Fighting Fantasy Fest 3 itself, a Bring and Buy stand was run for the first time, with commission from sales made on the day also going to charity, and a final collection was taken after the Ian Livingstone and John Robertson's Return to Deathtrap Dungeon at the end of the day.

In total, including the money raise by the pub quiz itself - including the donation made by quizmaster Bryan Howarth, which was revealed to be hidden with the Warlock's treasure chest - and that collected on the day, the total amount raised for the UK Sepsis Trust was...


Thank you to everyone for their generosity, everyone who came to the events - including guests, traders, and adventurers - and we'll see you again next time, at Fighting Fantasy Fest 4!

* Including, but not limited to, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Australia, and New Zealand.

Thursday, 5 September 2019

Assassins of Allansia - Out Now!

It's the moment you've been waiting for*. Today sees the release of the 68th Fighting Fantasy solo-play gamebook, and Ian Livingstone's 15th title, Assassins of Allansia!

Struggling to survive on an inhabited island, which is home to Decayers, Flesh-Heads and Worm Dogs, things go from bad to worse when YOU are attacked in the middle of the night.

But who attacked you? And why? The mystery deepens when you discover a small boat on the beach with an old friend shackled to the mast. There is a bounty on your head and you must find your hunters before they find you. Can YOU defeat the assassins on their deadly mission?

Party story, part game, this is a book with a difference - one in which YOU become the hero! A pencil and an eraser are all you need to make your journey. YOU decide which route to take, which foes to fight, and which dangers to risk!

Assassins of Allansia, written by Ian Livingstone and illustrated by Robert Ball, is published by Scholastic Books and available now from all good bookshops and online retailers.

Decayer, by Robert Ball.

* If you weren't able to pick up a copy of the signed hardback at Fighting Fantasy Fest 3 last Saturday.

Friday, 30 August 2019

The Fighting Fantasy Fest 3 weekend is here!

The Fighting Fantasy Fest 3 weekend kicks off today with the You Are The Beer-o: The Forester of Doom meet-up. The FF pub quiz has sold out but you can still come along to The Forester on Leighton Road in West Ealing, and get to know your fellow adventurers a little better.

Doors open for Fighting Fantasy Fest 3 at 9:00am on Saturday 31st August. Remember, entry is by pre-purchased ticket only, but tickets will remain on sale until 8:00am on Saturday morning. All manner of books and games are being launched at the event, including Ian Livingstone's Assassins of Allansia, published by Scholastic Books, and this brand new miniature of the ruler of Port Blacksand, Lord Azzur himself, courtesy of Atlantis Miniatures!

And even after Fighting Fantasy Fest 3 is over, for anyone who still finds themselves in Ealing on Sunday, there will be an informal social gathering at The Castle Inn, on St Mary's Road (opposite the University of West London), from 12:00pm.

And if you are attending Fighting Fantasy Fest 3 this weekend, may your STAMINA never fail!

Thursday, 29 August 2019

Deathtrap Dungeon – The debut Interactive Fiction title from Branching Narrative

Branching Narrative today announced its first gaming title: a new take on Deathtrap Dungeon, the classic Fighting Fantasy gamebook by Ian Livingstone. Showcasing the company’s new Interactive Fiction engine, the game stars British actor Eddie Marsan (Ray Donovan, Fast & Furious Presents Hobbs and Shaw, Deadpool 2), who will act as narrator and guide in a high-quality interactive video production that faithfully recreates the beloved fantasy book.

Deathtrap Dungeon, arguably one of the most popular titles in the Fighting Fantasy series, was originally released in 1984 and challenges the player to survive the Trial of Champions that takes place in the labyrinth of Fang, full of fiendish traps and deadly creatures set by the devious Baron Sukumvit.

Branching Narrative’s Deathtrap Dungeon will be delivered as a video stream that prompts the user to make choices and direct the flow, offering enhanced gameplay over other recent high-profile ‘interactive movie’ offerings, fully utilising the mechanics from the book.

Matt Spall of Branching Narrative, said: “Our innovative take on Deathtrap Dungeon is a choice-based adventure, presented as an interactive video storybook with the fantastic Eddie Marsan narrating the story and guiding players as they find their way through Baron Sukumvit’s treacherous corridors of power.”

Ian Livingstone said: “Deathtrap Dungeon has consistently been a fan favourite, so I am excited about the approach that Branching Narrative is taking in bringing my book to a new generation of players in a new format. Eddie Marsan is brilliant, and with the storytelling being an interactive rather than passive experience, this ain’t no Jackanory!”

Eddie Marsan said: “It’s an exciting challenge to guide Deathtrap Dungeon adventurers, both new and experienced, as they take on the perils of the deadly Trial of Champions.”

Fighting Fantasy fans will be able to meet the Branching Narrative team and see an early prototype of Deathtrap Dungeon at Fighting Fantasy Fest 3, taking place on Saturday 31st August at the University of West London, in Ealing.

Deathtrap Dungeon is due for release on PC, Mac and Mobile later this year, commemorating the 35th anniversary of the book’s original publication, with other formats, including console, to follow in 2020.