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Wizard Series 2 - 2009-
Warlock of Firetop Mountain Citadel of Chaos Deathtrap Dungeon Stormslayer Creature of Havoc
City of Thieves Night of the Necromancer Bloodbones House of Hell Eye of the Dragon
How of the Werewolf Trial of Champions Curse of the Mummy Forest of Doom

Wizard Series 1 - 2002-2008

Warlock of Firetop Mountain Citadel of Chaos Deathtrap Dungeon Creature of Havoc City of ThievesCrypt of the Sorcerer House of Hell Forest of Doom Sorcery! 1: The Shamutanti Hills Caverns of the Snow WitchSorcery! 2: Khare - Cityport of Traps Trial of Champions Sorcery! 3: The Seven Serpents Armies of Death Sorcery! 4: The Crown of KingsReturn to Firetop Mountain Island of the Lizard King Appointment with Fear Temple of Terror Legend of ZagorEye of the Dragon Starship Traveller Freeway Fighter Talisman of Death Sword of the SamuraiBloodbones Curse of the Mummy Spellbreaker Howl of the Werewolf 25th Anniversary WoFM

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