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Friday, 3 March 2017

Restore your SKILL to its Initial level!

On 1st March, Ian Livingstone posted the following on Twitter:

If you've yet to tweet Ian your #FFinitials it's not too late - the random draw will be made later today, and anyone who has taken part has an equal chance of winning!

It's not the first time Ian Livingstone has used social media to include fans of Fighting Fantasy in an adventure gamebook. In 2012, two FF fans ended up making cameo appearances in Bloodof the Zombies, after retweeting Ian's initial tweet. They were Labour MP Tom Watson, and author, actor, comedian and television producer Charlie Higson!

So if you win this competition you'll be in good company, and your initials will be immortalised in print for posterity, and in a Fighting Fantasy gamebook no less!

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