Friday 6 April 2018

Classic Fighting Fantasy titles relaunched by Scholastic Books

As well as releasing The Gates of Death this week, Scholastic Books have also re-released another five classic Fighting Fantasy titles by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone, including the hardest and most devious FF gamebook ever created - Creature of Havoc - and the bestselling dungeon bash ever - Deathtrap Dungeon!

Which of these classic titles are you most excited to see back in print? 

There are still plenty of Jackson and Livingstone titles still to be reprinted, including such fondly-remembered titles as Caverns of the Snow Witch, Trial of Champions, Armies of Death, Starship Traveller, and the rest of the Sorcery! quartet.

Let us know which of these classic titles you would like to see brought back next in the comments below.

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