Friday, 10 January 2020

The StoryMaster’s Tales presents Ian Livingstone’s Deathtrap Dungeon LIVE!

If you're attending the UK Games Expo this year, you'll want to get yourself a ticket for Deathtrap Dungeon LIVE, as performed by The StoryMaster's Tales team, the same people who put on House of Hell LIVE at Fighting Fantasy Fest 3 to great acclaim.

This new immersive and interactive show, will take YOU into the Tower of Yaztromo the Wizard, where he will transport you into the dreaded Deathtrap Dungeon in search of winning the coveted crown of the Trial of Champions.

Based upon the hugely successful Fighting Fantasy book, selected members of the audience will have to work together and get past all the dangers, puzzles and monsters that Baron Sukumvit has placed to thwart all challengers.

Suitable for all ages from ages 8 to adult, tickets are on sale here.

And if you weren't planning on attending UK Games Expo 2020, you might want to change your mind now.

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