Sunday, 6 August 2017

What's in your Backpack?

Today is your last chance to pre-order your Fighting Fantasy Fest 2 Adventurer's Backpack. If you haven't grabbed yours already, remember that the Backpack will be a unique memento of the event, containing...

  • An event-exclusive t-shirt
  • An event-exclusive lanyard and tag
  • An A4 art print
  • A Balthus Dire miniature

Balthus Dire, as sculpted by Paul Muller for Otherworld Miniatures.

There will be other goodies inside the Backpack too, but you only have until midnight to bag yourself one. (After midnight tonight you will receive an email asking you what size of t-shirt you will require.)

So don't delay, pre-order yours today!

Image courtesy of Steve Britton, whose Fighting Fantasy miniatures appear in YOU ARE THE HERO Part 2, which will also be on sale at Fighting Fantasy Fest 2.


  1. How can I get a Balthus miniature after the Fighting Fantasy Fest?

  2. Otherworld miniatures are selling them. Limited edition of 1000 miniatures.