Friday, 14 April 2017


Issue #2 of Ian Livingstone's FREEWAY FIGHTER is now available for pre-order, from Forbidden Planet or your local comic store. But no matter how you order it, you're going to need these pre-order codes:

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In other news, Issue #1 has been garnering a lot of interest, and praise, from the comics community. Here's what just a few reviewers have had to say about it:

"Ewington and Livingstone together have put together a first issue that feels familiar, but still very entertaining. Normally this world setting is fuelled by macho male leads with women acting in a subservient role. Their choice of Bella De La Rosa as the hero around which this series rotates is brilliant..." ~ Graphic Policy

"Driving fast, and doing it well, are the keys to survival and when crashes happen, they are spectacular. The combination of Coleby’s art and O’Grady’s colours bring that kind of world to life... In Freeway Fighter, Campbell’s job as letterer is pushed out into the forefront to give the high speed chases and resultant crashes a little extra impact." ~ Pullbox Reviews

"This fast paced comic deserves your attention, as the story immediately grips the reader and the art brings it all to life... If you’re looking for something away from the mainstream, pick up Freeway Fighter #1." ~ Heroes Direct

"If you’re a fan of the original “Fighting Fantasy” adventure books, this is a must read." ~ Ain't It Cool News

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