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Saturday, 24 June 2017

Fighting Fantasy Fest 2 - everything you need to know!

If you're considering coming to Fighting Fantasy Fest 2, you should note that Early Bird tickets will only remain on sale until midnight on Sunday 2nd July. If you're already coming, here's what you need to know about the biggest and best Fighting Fantasy convention yet.

Essential Information
Date: Saturday 2nd September 2017
Timings: Registration opens at 9:00am and the event closes at 8:00pm
Location: The University of West London, St Mary's Road, Ealing, London, W5 5RF

Transport Links: Ealing Broadway station is only a 10 minute walk away, with the 65 bus running from the station to the university. It is also only a short walk to South Ealing station, which is on the Piccadilly Line. The M4 and M40 are both close by, as is Heathrow airport.

Guests of Honour
Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone - godfathers of the UK Games Industry, co-founders of Games Workshop, and co-creators of the Fighting Fantasy series. Come and meet your heroes!

Guest Authors

There will also be a number of other guest authors appearing on the day, including...
Marc Gascoigne - consultant FF editor, author of Battleblade Warrior, and the man responsible for Out of the Pit, Titan - The Fighting Fantasy World, Demonstealer and Shadowmaster.
Jamie Thomson - co-author of numerous FF gamebooks, including Talisman of Death, Sword of the Samurai, and The Keep of the Lich-Lord.
Peter Darvill-Evans - author of the highly-regarded Beneath Nightmare Castle, Portal of Evil, and Spectral Stalkers.
Jonathan Green - author of numerous FF gamebooks - including Bloodbones, Howl of the Werewolf, and Night of the Necromancer - and the author of YOU ARE THE HERO - A History of Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks, and YOU ARE THE HERO Part 2.

Guest Artists
A number of those talented individuals who have helped bring the FF world to life through their illustrations will also be attending Fighting Fantasy Fest 2, including...
Malcolm Barter - much-admired illustrator of The Forest of Doom.
Alan Langford - illustrator of Island of the Lizard King, Sword of the Samurai, Creature of Havoc, Battleblade Warrior, Portal of Evil and Spellbreaker. FFF2 will be Alan first con!
Jim Burns - cover artist for not one but two different editions of Freeway Fighter.
Tony Hough - illustrator of Spectral Stalkers, Night Dragon, Knights of Doom and Bloodbones.
Pete Knifton - illustrator of Tower of Destruction and Siege of Sardath.
Leo Hartas - FF cartographer extraordinaire, who has revisited his classic map of Allansia for Ian Livingstone's new book The Port of Peril.

Other Guests
We are delighted to be able to welcome a number of different companies to FFF2 who all love Fighting Fantasy as much as we do, including...
Scholastic UK - the new publishers of the Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks will be in attendance.
Titan Comics - publishers of the Ian Livingstone's FREEWAY FIGHTER will be at FFF2, along with the creative team behind the comic, including writer Andi Ewington, artist Simon Coleby
Nomad Games - the team behind Fighting Fantasy Legends will be showcasing their brand new game at FFF2.
inkle studios - creators of the best-selling Steve Jackson's Sorcery! apps will be undertaking a playthrough of their Sorcery! adaptation.
Arion Games - publishers of Advanced Fighting Fantasy Second Edition.

Click Your Poison Books - James Schannep will be selling his own branching path narratives at the convention.
DMB Games - makes of 3D dungeon scenery - ideal for your games of Advanced Fighting Fantasy!
Fighting Fantasy Collector - Jamie Fry will be at FFF2 with all manner of hard-to-find FF books and memorabilia.
Otherworld Miniatures - purveyors of fine fantasy miniatures, including Zagor the Warlock of Firetop Mountain himself!
Snowbooks - publishers of YOU ARE THE HERO Parts 1 & 2.
Two-Fisted Fantasy - Hermit Skull will be in attendance, selling his popular Two-Fisted Fantasy gamebooks.
Steve Jackson's The Trolltooth Wars will also be on sale at FFF2.

Arion Games will be running Advanced Fighting Fantasy role-play sessions throughout the day, while Nomad Games will be demoing Fighting Fantasy Legends.

Talks - from Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone talking about bringing FF gamebooks to a new generation, an interview with Marc Gascoigne, and the authors and artists talking about creating adventures that are still fondly remembered 30 years on, there's something for everyone in this year's programme of talks, which will run across two strands throughout the day.
Signings - our guests will be signing throughout the day, all free of charge!
Cosplay Competition - dress up as your favourite Fighting Fantasy hero, villain, or monster, and you could walk away from Fighting Fantasy Fest 2 with a prize worthy of Zagor's treasure hoard!
Art Exhibition - classic covers from the past and Chris Achilleos's brand new cover art for YOU ARE THE HERO Part 2 will be on display, along with other artefacts from the Fighting Fantasy archives.
Auction - one of the highlights of the first Fighting Fantasy Fest was the auction of rare FF items, and we're be doing it again this year.
Pub Quiz - and for those who will be in or around Ealing on the Friday night, the regular You Are The Beer-o meet-up will be taking place at The New Inn, featuring the first ever Fighting Fantasy Pub Quiz, to raise money from Prostate Cancer UK, in memory of Freeway Fighter illustrator Kevin Bulmer.

Food and Drink
Food and drink will be available on site throughout the day, from the university cafeteria and bar. Bar snacks include burgers and pizzas and cost around £5 each.

Adventurer's Backpacks
Event exclusive goodie bags, including lanyards, event tags, and FFF2 t-shirts can be purchase in advanced through Eventbrite, the same place you buy your tickets for Fighting Fantasy Fest 2.

There are further traders, gaming sessions, talks and guests still to be announced, so keep an eye on www.FightingFantasy.com for regular updates.

And remember, there are just ten weeks to go until Fighting Fantasy Fest 2 opens its dungeon doors to the unwary... Don't delay - secure your ticket today!

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  1. Will be great to see everyone of course but Alan Langford and Marc Gascoigne are a particular treat for me this time round.Always adored Alan's illustrations, and Marc did loads of cataloguing and advancing for the series from 86' onwards :)