Friday, 23 June 2017

The new Fighting Fantasy covers are here!

It's what fans have been waiting for for a long time, ever since it was announced that Scholastic UK would be re-launching the Fighting Fantasy gamebook series. Well you need wait no longer - here are the covers for the new editions, re-imagined for a new generation of FF fans.



  1. Unfortunately a bit of a let down. MY apologies to the artist who did them, but the original covers had so much more to them. These make the books look like young children's books in terms of graphic style. With so much great fantasy art being produced today on a daily basis...just check out

    1. William Parrish20 July 2017 at 06:16

      Agreed, these are...not what I hoped :(

  2. Sadly not a patch on the original book art, the gold top editions are still far and away the best.

    Nice to see a new generation will have easy access to the books though.

  3. Aimed at the very young? They will not appeal to the many many older players i fear.

  4. With the greatest of respect, DanReiki, being an older player myself, what the series needs is new younger fans, if it's to keep going for another 35 years.

  5. Unfortunately they look a bit Disney or Cartoon Network. You could have got Jon Blanche or Iain McCaig to do them, As you know Jon did the Sorcery ones but not the original FF series, I'd love him for the next ones, I assume he's still around. Also as a kid I was freaked out by the original covers and it made me buy them from the Puffin book club catalog that went round schools in the 80s. These new covers feel like its guessing what kids respond to. The original artwork was more intricate detailed and sophisticated and very creepy. Kids today need better illustrators. e.g modern cartoon remakes of the pink panther and the mr men are just awful, all charm gone, just mass produced computer drawn illustration with no character. Lets not do the same with the amazing world of Jackson's and Livingstone's Fighting fantasy.