Sunday 21 May 2017

Freeway Fighter signing at Forbidden Planet

On Saturday 20th May 2017, fans of comics and gamebooks united to gather at the Forbidden Planet Megastore in London for the signing of the very first Fighting Fantasy comic, Ian Livingstone's Freeway Fighter, published by Titan Comics.

In attendance were writer Andi Ewington, artist Simon Coleby, letterer Jim Campbell, editor Jonathan Green, variant cover artist Jim Burns, and the creator of the original Freeway Fighter gamebook, Ian Livingstone.

Signing pre-orders in the back room at Forbidden Planet.

Ian Livingstone and Andi Ewington marvel at Simon Coleby's original pencils and inks for the Freeway Fighter comic.

Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks were also available for fans to pick up and have signed at the event.

Issue #1 of Ian Livingstone's Freeway Fighter comes with seven variant covers, one of which was only available from Forbidden Planet.

The fans gather for the signing, including the usual suspects.

Two fantasy legends were reunited for the event - the original Freeway Fighter cover artist and author, Jim Burns and Ian Livingstone.

You can see more photos from the signing here.

Ian Livingstone's Freeway Fighter has been extremely well-received by comics and gamebook fans alike, and you can read reviews all over the web. And don't forget, Issue #2 goes on sale next month and is available to pre-order now, while the variant covers for Issue #4 have also now been released.

Cover A by Simon Coleby & Len O'Grady - Cover B by Ben Oliver - Cover C by Tazio Bettin & Luis Guerrero

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