Friday 8 September 2017

Fighting Fantasy Fest 2 - Return to the Convention of Firetop Mountain!

A week ago, a weekend of celebrations to mark the 35th anniversary of Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks kicked off with the world's first Fighting Fantasy pub quiz. Seven teams endured their own Trial of Champions, working their way through eight rounds to see who knew the most FF lore.

One of the highlights of the evening was a raffle, to help raise funds for men's health charity Prostate Cancer UK, with Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone donating some very special prizes, including a framed mint condition copy of Warlock Magazine #1.

In the end, '50 Shades of Throm' battled their way to victory, and were awarded with certificates and bottles of Cloud Ale by Mr Steve Jackson himself.

Steve Jackson with the winners of the FF Pub Quiz, '50 Shades of Throm'.

Attendees of the world's first Fighting Fantasy pub quiz.

Then, on Saturday, it was time for the main event itself. At 9:00am the doors opened on Fighting Fantasy Fest 2, and adventurers from both near and far - some having travelled from such far flung locations as North America, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand - were treated to a day of talks, Q&As, trading, adventuring and socialising, as well as the opportunity to meet their childhood heroes - the authors and artists behind the best-selling Fighting Fantasy series!

The marathon signing session undertaken by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone at the Scholastic Books stand lasted two and a half hours!

Highlights of the day included Nomad Games' showcase of Fighting Fantasy Legends, the premier of the audio drama The Warlock of Firetop Mountain: The Hero's Quest, one-time FF consultant editor Marc Gascoigne talking about his contributions to the world of Titan, the announcement that Charlie Higson will be writing a brand new Fighting Fantasy gamebook, entitled The Gates of Death, and an energetic talk by Iain McCaig, who had flown in especially for the occasion, which had fans enthralled.

Marc Gascoigne in conversation with Jonathan Green.

Charlie Higson talks about his new books, The Gates of Death.

Iain McCaig entertains the masses.

At the end of the day, before turning to 400, eager adventurers had the chance to see how Steve Jackson fared against his own creation, when Jon Ingold of inkle studios guided him, and award-winning film director Martin Gooch, through Steve Jackson's Sorcery!

The following day, a group of hard-bitten veterans, who had backed the YOU ARE THE HERO Part 2 Kickstarter at The Black Tower level or above, were joined for lunch by Steve Jackson, Ian Livingstone, and Jonathan Green (the book's author). And then, it was time, at last, for venture former on new adventures, as yet untold...

From the posts that have appeared online since last weekend, it would seem that everyone had a fantastic time, which we are delighted to hear, and it looks like we're going to need to put a date in the diary for Fighting Fantasy Fest 3!

You can see more photos from the weekend here. Please feel free to tag yourself in any pictures and share your own photos of the event.

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