Friday 25 May 2018

Fighting Fantasy Classics is coming to Steam!

With Fighting Fantasy fast approaching it's 36th anniversary in August, there have been some exciting developments of late, talk of a potential TV series being developed in China, new audio dramas being produced by FoxYason Productions, and the news that The Warlock of Firetop Mountain will be coming to Nintendo Switch!

Tin Man Games have been working closely with another Australian game developer to bring the smash-hit PC/iOS adaptation of The Warlock of Firetop Mountain to Nintendo’s amazing new console. There isn't a release date yet, but keep an eye on Tin Man Games' social media channels over the coming weeks for more news!

As if that wasn't enough to get even the most hard-bitten adventurer frothing at the mouth in anticipation, the company has announced that their recent Fighting Fantasy library app is coming to Steam. Fighting Fantasy Classics will become available for download on 6th June and will include free access to Jonathan Green’s supernatural pirate adventure, Bloodbones!

Fighting Fantasy Classics will also feature all the current digital gamebooks available in the mobile version, including Ian Livingstone’s Deathtrap Dungeon, which was released last month. You can also expect Deathtrap Dungeon's epic sequel Trial of Champions to join in on the library app in the coming months, as it was the overwhelming winner of Tin Man Games' recent poll which they ran so that players and fans could decide which classic gamebook was developed next! (Second place was a close call but with Freeway Fighter just taking it.)

Don't forget that Ian Livingstone will be giving a live reading of Deathtrap Dungeon, next Friday, 1st June 2018, at the UK Games Expo in Birmingham, when he will be leading host of The Dark Room, Mr John Robertson, to his undoubted doom.

For more information of the event and the UK Games Expo, which is the biggest of its kind within the UK, simply follow this link.

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