Friday 1 February 2019

Classic Cover! Island of the Lizard King

As winter bites hard, here in Allansia, thoughts naturally turn to sunny times and travel to sunnier climes. Well how about a trip to a tropical island, spending time hanging out on the beach and enjoying the sites and engaging with the local wildlife?

Ian Livingstone's fourth solo title for the series, Island of the Lizard King had the hero fighting to free the young men of Oyster Bay from the tyranny of the insane Lizard King who ruled his island domain through a combination of black magic, voodoo and sheer force of arms. Iain McCaig’s classic cover bears the intimidating image of the Lizard King holding back his deadly pet, a Black Lion.

“The covers he did for The Forest of Doom, Deathtrap Dungeon, City of Thieves and Island of the Lizard King were nothing short of amazing," says Ian Livingstone. "Working with Iain was brilliant. He was full of ideas and energy, always excited by possibilities. His art captured moments frozen in time even though those moments never actually happened. There is so much drama and movement in his work, it’s genius.”

Island of the Lizard King is available again, in a new edition, courtesy of Scholastic Books, featuring artwork by Rob Ball, and can be picked up here.

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