Friday 24 May 2019

YOU could be the Hero of the Fighting Fantasy Pub Quiz!

Do you know your Aardwolf from your Elvin? Can you tell the difference beween Quimmel Bone and Zanbar Bone? Are you a regular visitor to the teeming plains of Allansia and beyond? If so, then you should sign up for the second Fighting Fantasy Pub Quiz today!

On the evening of Friday 30th August, teams of budding adventurers will be gathering at The Forester Inn, in Ealing, to test their knowledge of all things Fighting Fantasy. Lone adventurers are welcome too, and will no doubt soon find themselves joining forces with a barbarian or two, and maybe even an elf, or a mage, well-versed in arcane lore.

Our Quizmaster for the evening will be Fighting Fantasy fan Bryan Howarth, and as well as having fun, we will also be raising money for the UK Sepsis Trust, in memory of another FF fan, Neil Taylor.

If you would like to come, remember, you do need to buy a ticket in advance and numbers are limited. The last FF Pub Quiz was a riotous affair and this year's event only promises to be even better!

You don't even need to be going to Fighting Fantasy Fest 3 the next day to come along! Although how much more fun would it be to make a weekend of it and do both? The Forester even has rooms available that weekend.

So don't put it off any longer, grab your ticket for the Fighting Fantasy Pub Quiz right now!

This is what happened last time.

You don't want to miss out this year, do you?

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