Friday 10 June 2022

More Fighting Fantasy gamebooks are heading overseas

News today of two more translations of Fighting Fantasy gamebooks. First up is Rhianna Pratchett's Crystal of Storms, which is being released in Hungary by Chameleon Comix as Viharkristályhoz.

As well as boasting new cover art - featuring one of everyone's favourite, wheel-shaped critters - the Hungarian edition also has new interior illustrations by István Lakatos, which remind the Warlock of John Blanche's artwork for Steve Jackson's Sorcery! series.

And then we have Le pirate de l'au-delà, which is the French title for Bloodbones, by Jonathan Green. This isn't a new translation but it is a new edition, to match the other Fighting Fantasy gamebooks Gallimard Jeunesse have released over the last couple of years.

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