Monday 19 June 2023

Magic Realms: The Art of Fighting Fantasy

Coming in 2024 from Unbound is Magic Realms: The Art of Fighting Fantasy, written by Sir Ian Livingstone and FF historian Jonathan Green. 

The book focuses on the work of 26 artists, who have contributed art to the Fighting Fantasy series over the past four decades, across 25 chapters. Each chapter starts with a brief biography of the artist, followed by pages and pages of full colour and/or black & white artwork, along with some previously unseen sketches and other tidbits. There are also insights from the artists themselves into their work.

The book is currently seeking funding here and rewards on offer include signed hardbacks, a clamshell box edition, and a new A2 colour map of Allansia by Leo Hartas.

To pledge your support, click on the link to the Unbound Magic Realms: The Art of Fighting Fantasy project page.


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