Monday 9 January 2017

Advanced Fighting Fantasy - Deluxe!

Available now from Arion Games, in time for Fighting Fantasy's 35th anniversary this August, is the deluxe edition of Advanced Fighting Fantasy - the complete role-playing game based on your favourite gamebook series.

Let your imagination take you to Firetop Mountain or the Forest of Doom, and have new and exciting adventures. This hardback book contains all you need to play, including:

  • Full rules for Hero creation
  • Comprehensive but fast game rules
  • More than 160 Spells and magical Powers
  • Monsters
  • Dungeons
  • Adventure creation 

This fantastic volume also contains Out of the Pit, the classic collection of 250 loathsome creatures from the wild and dangerous worlds of Advanced Fighting Fantasy to challenge (and occasionally help) any Hero.

Also included within this volume is Titan, the complete guide to the Fighting Fantasy world, and widely regarded as one of the best setting guides ever written!

So don't delay - if you've yet to pick up a copy of Arion Games' AFF Second Edition, there could not be a better time - order your copy today!


  1. This is seriously awesome! Congratulations, guys!

  2. In my boyhood I did not have the patience to read a book where someone other than me was killing monsters. THANK YOU Ian and Steve... because of the two of you I read books in my early teens. It constantly stimulated my mind's eye.

    - Karl Michael Gorman

  3. In my early adolescant boyhood, I did not have the patience to read books where someone OTHER than me was fighting monsters. THANK YOU Ian and Steve. Fighting Fantasy made me read in my teenage years, and stimulated my mind's eye.

    - Karl Michael Gorman.