Friday, 30 August 2019

The Fighting Fantasy Fest 3 weekend is here!

The Fighting Fantasy Fest 3 weekend kicks off today with the You Are The Beer-o: The Forester of Doom meet-up. The FF pub quiz has sold out but you can still come along to The Forester on Leighton Road in West Ealing, and get to know your fellow adventurers a little better.

Doors open for Fighting Fantasy Fest 3 at 9:00am on Saturday 31st August. Remember, entry is by pre-purchased ticket only, but tickets will remain on sale until 8:00am on Saturday morning. All manner of books and games are being launched at the event, including Ian Livingstone's Assassins of Allansia, published by Scholastic Books, and this brand new miniature of the ruler of Port Blacksand, Lord Azzur himself, courtesy of Atlantis Miniatures!

And even after Fighting Fantasy Fest 3 is over, for anyone who still finds themselves in Ealing on Sunday, there will be an informal social gathering at The Castle Inn, on St Mary's Road (opposite the University of West London), from 12:00pm.

And if you are attending Fighting Fantasy Fest 3 this weekend, may your STAMINA never fail!

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