Friday 16 August 2019

O Porto do Perigo

Fighting Fantasy gamebooks have always been popular in Brazil, and back in 2016 Ian Livingstone was the Guest of Honour at the São Paulo Comic Con in Brazil, where he met hundreds of FF fans.

Jambo Editora, the Brazilian publishers of Fighting Fantasy, recently released a Portuguese translation of Ian's The Port of Peril. Jambo Editora almost always commission their own cover art for the FF books, which they consider more suitable for the Brazilian market. But this time they also commissioned new interior art, from the appropriately named Róger Goulart, and here are some examples of his old school pen and ink-style illustrations for the gamebook.

Klash, the Chaos Warrior.

The dreaded Norgul.

A run-in with some of the inhabitants of the Port of Peril.

The demonic Quag-Shugguth!

Beware - Blue Imps!

Those of you have been following the news that Atlantis Miniatures are launching a range of Fighting Fantasy miniatures maybe recognise some of the characters above - specifically Klash, the Quag-Shugguth, and the Blue Imps - as they are all part of the first wave of Fighting Fantasy Legends models that are being released first at Fighting Fantasy Fest 3 in only two weeks' time.

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