Friday 21 August 2020

Ian Livingstone at Virtually Expo with John Robertson

The Warlock was very disappointed when the UK Games Expo had to cancelled this year, due to the pandemic currently ravaging the Earthly Plane. However, he was delighted when the organisers announced that the event would be moving online.

Anyone who has previously enjoyed John Robertson's attempts to escape Deathtrap Dungeon, under the watchful eye of dungeonmaster Ian Livingstone, either at the UK Games Expo or Fighting Fantasy Fest 3, will be delighted to hear that the pair are returning for Virtually Expo.

On Saturday 22nd August, 6-7:00pm BST, Ian Livingstone will challenge John Robertson to play through his classic Fighting Fantasy book City of Thieves on a quest to defeat the demonic sorcerer Zanbar Bone.

To do so he must walk the murderous streets of Port Blacksand to seek help from an old Wizard. Will John succeed? Or will Ian do his best to lure him to his doom?

This is a free to watch event.To watch the show on Twitch click this link...

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