Friday, 1 January 2021

What is your Fighting Fantasy New Year's Resolution?

Is it to play through all the books in order? Is it to replay some classic adventures using only honest dice rolls? Is it to complete your collection of green spines? Or is it to pick up one of each of the titles published by Scholastic?

If you're unsure what your Fighting Fantasy New Year's Resolution should be, perhaps you could gain some inspiration from these individuals...

To keep an eye out for crabs.

To never trust a Dwarf again.

Baron Sukumvit
To increase the Bloodbeast quotient in Deathtrap Dungeon by 300%.

Lord Azzur
To stop at nothing to bring Zanbar Bone's murderer to justice.

Shareella the Snow Witch
To bring about the end of the world by bringing on a new ice age.

Zagor the Warlock
To hide the Eye of the Cyclops where nobody can ever find it again.
And to look for the keys to the treasure chest.

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