Friday 16 April 2021

The Warlock Returns - Issue #3

Available now from Arion Games is Issue #3 of the Advanced Fighting Fantasy fanzine The Warlock Returns, featuring a cover that is out of this world!

This issue contains more new material from fans of the Advanced Fighting Fantasy Roleplaying Game and Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks, including:

* Denizens of the Pit - New monsters from Titan

* Jungle Mania - Non-Player Characters from the jungles of Titan.

* Rumours In Arion - Rumours and plot hooks.

* AFF Spell Cards - Handy play aids

* Fear Characteristic - Be afraid, be very afraid...

* Director Advice Articles - Suggesting rumours and plot hooks

* Stellar Adventures Vehicle Sheet - A new version of the vehicle record

* A history of Mauristatia II - An area in the Old World of Titan

* Rituals and Races - New material for AFF

* The Legend of Gareus - Comic Strip and Agony Aunt page

* Bringing Down the House - Continuing the Stellar Adventures setting

* Letters from Arion

 You can buy the latest issue of The Warlock Returns, along with back issues, via DriveThruRPG.

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