Friday 20 May 2022

Fighting Fantasy at the UK Games Expo 2022

Unfortunately, following a recent operation, Sir Ian Livingstone is no longer able to attend the UK Games Expo this year. However, fortunately, Olly McNeil - of Steve Jackson's House of Hell LIVE! fame - has agreed to step in for the Friday night live reading of The Warlock of Firetop Mountain, and help guide the audience, and The Dark Room star John Robertson, to a successful outcome or an untimely death.

2022 marks the 40th Anniversary of the publication of this groundbreaking interactive adventure gamebook. The player takes the role of an adventurer travelling to find the treasure of a powerful Warlock hidden deep within Firetop Mountain. People from a nearby village advise that the treasure is stored in a chest with two locks, and that the keys are guarded by various creatures within the dungeons. The player must then navigate the dungeons beneath Firetop Mountain, battle monsters and attempt to locate the keys.

You can also read an interview with Sir Ian Livingstone if you pick up a copy of the UK Games Expo programme at the event.

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