Thursday 13 October 2022

Voyages en terre d'Arion

Among the traders at Fighting Fantasy Fest 4, back in September, were the French publishers of the Advanced Fighting Fantasy RPG, Scriptarium.

The Scriptarium stand at Fighting Fantasy Fest 4.

Among the products Scriptarium had for sale on their stand was the new French laguage edition of Arion Games' Travels in Arion - Voyages en terre d'Arion.

The book features a colour A2 map of the of city Arion, by Jidus, as well as illustrations by Russ Nicholson and Malcolm Barter. There is also a campaign made up of three scenarios, L'Ecume des Songes by Rémy Lucot and Alexandre Sanna, which is superbly illustrated by Koa.

So, if you are a French reader, or you just love great fantasy art, make sure you check out Voyages en terre d'Arion, as well as the rest of Scriptarium's AFF catalogue.

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