Friday 18 November 2022

The Warlock Returns - Issue #7

Available now from Arion Games is Issue #7 of The Warlock Returns, the Advanced Fighting Fantasy fanzine.

In this issue you will find more new material for fans of the Advanced Fighting Fantasy Roleplaying Game and Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks, including:

* Denizens of the Pit - More of Titan's island creatures

* Jungle - Hazards of the jungles of Titan

* Scarlet Blue - A scenario by Scriptarium

* Cantrip Spell Cards - For use with your magic users

Director Advice Articles - Suggesting rumours and plot hooks

* Guide to the Shining Islands - Our biggest single article yet!

The Legend of Gareus - Comic Strip and Agony Aunt page

* Stellar Adventures: Into the Doors of Eryx - A new scenario begins

* The Lindenbaum Prize for Short Gamebook Fiction

Plus lots more!

Pick up your copy now from Arion Games via DriveThruRPG.

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