Thursday 23 February 2017

Pre-order Ian Livingstone's FREEWAY FIGHTER today!

Ian Livingstone's FREEWAY FIGHTER: The Comic - based on the classic gamebook by Ian Livingstone, written by Andi Ewington, with art by Simon Coleby, colours by Len O'Grady and letters by Jim Campbell - is now available to pre-order from Titan Comics.

I would urge anyone intending to buy the comic anyway to pre-order it now. I would also urge anyone who would like to see Fighting Fantasy comics become an ongoing line to pre-order FREEWAY FIGHTER now!

Pre-orders can make or break a comic franchise; if enough people pre-order Ian Livingstone's FREEWAY FIGHTER and we sell out, Titan Comics will look seriously at continuing the FF comics line.

The pre-order codes are as follows, and depend on which cover you want. So if you want all three, which of course you do, make sure you use all three codes!

Titan Comics have produced a handy guide to help guide you through the process of pre-ordering, which you will find at the end of this link.

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