Saturday 25 February 2017

The Evolution of a Comic Cover, by Simon Coleby

Simon Coleby, artist on Ian Livingstone's FREEWAY FIGHTER, here reveals the process that he goes through when producing a cover for a comic, in this case Issue #1 of the 4-part mini-series.

Click image to enlarge.

Top left is Simon's marker concept doodle (which looks good enough to publish, right?), but top right are his pencils for the final image. Why the tilt to the left? To leave room for the bar-code on the bottom-right!

When he is happy with the pencils, and they have been approved by the publisher, Simon moves on to inking the image, which you can see bottom left. Having done that, he hands the image over to series colourer Len O'Grady to work his magic. And with the text, logos and bar-code added, you finally have the finished cover (bottom right).

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