Monday 27 November 2017

Freeway Fighter signing at Forbidden Planet

Fighting Fantasy co-creator Ian Livingstone, legendary SF&F artist Jim Burns, and comic book artist Simon Coleby were at Forbidden Planet on Saturday to sign copies of Ian Livingstone's FREEWAY FIGHTER - the limited edition comic book series from Titan Comics - written by Andi Ewington and drawn by Simon Coleby, with colours by Len O'Grady and lettering by Jim Campbell - which has now been collected as a paperback graphic novel.

The new Ian Livingstone's FREEWAY FIGHTER looking resplendent within its Jim Burns cover.

Signed book plates.

Some very limited edition giclee prints of Jim Burns' cover art for Freeway Fighter.

It wasn't just Ian Livingstone's FREEWAY FIGHTER that was on sale and available for signing at Forbidden Planet on Saturday!

Fans gather to meet the guests and have their treasures signed.

Jim Burns, Ian Livingstone and Simon Coleby ready to sign!

The signing session gets under way.

It was great to see fans who discovered Freeway Fighter and Fighting Fantasy when they were young introducing the next generation of children to the wonders of interactive gamebooks and graphic novels.

Forbidden Planet also had a limited of number of copies of Jim Burns' artwork collection Hyperluminal on sale on the day, which Jim was also happy to sign.

Special thanks to Fighting Fantasy stalwart James Aukett for the photographs, and if you weren't able to make it to Forbidden Planet at the weekend, Ian Livingstone will be appearing at Dragonmeet this Saturday, 2nd December, where he will be giving a talk about Fighting Fantasy and his hopes for the future of the series.

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