Friday 11 January 2019

The Arcane Archive

If you have visited recently, you may have stopped by the Fan Zone and noticed there is a section there called the Arcane Archive. Well, over the next few weeks you will find that clicking on the image of the sorcerer's library will transport you to a new part of the website, but one created by you.

In it you will find links to fellow fans' Fighting Fantasy collections, as well as maps to help you negotiate your way safely through your favourite dark dungeons and dingy castles, and maybe even a gamebook solution or two.

So if you have a collection that you think is something a bit special, and that others would enjoy, or if you've successfully mapped Deathtrap Dungeon or The Citadel of Chaos, or if you have a carefully worked-out solution to a Fighting Fantasy gamebook, then contact the Warlock using the link on the website, or via, and you could see your work became part of the Arcane Archive.

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