Friday 18 January 2019

Winter Wonderlands

The month of Freeze is well and truly here, and the temperature is dropping right across the Pagan Plains and beyond.

Many heroes will doubtless have fond memories* of adventuring in the northern regions of Allansia, notably the Icefinger Mountains, but which is your favourite snowbound escapade?

Is it Ian Livingstone's Caverns of the Snow Witch? Is it Keith Martin's Tower of Destruction, or perhaps Night Dragon? Or is it Jonathan Green's Stormslayer, which features every type of weather under the sun? Or maybe there's another icy encounter you found particularly memorable.

Why not let us know in the comments below? And if anyone wants to send us a picture of one of the nefarious creatures that can be found in wintry climes, we will add them to the Out of the Pit page on


* And maybe some not-so-fond memories.

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