Saturday 8 February 2020

Happy Birthday, Terry Oakes!

Today is the 75th birthday of superstar Fighting Fantasy gamebook cover artist Terry Oakes!

Over the course of nine years, from 1985-1994, Terry produced the covers for 12 Fighting Fantasy books, including the novel Demonstealer and The Fighting Fantasy 10th Anniversary Yearbook.

But how long did it take to produce a cover like the one for Demonstealer?

“It all depended on the amount of detail demanded by any particular cover, of course,” explains Oakes, “but as a general rule-of-thumb it took about five to seven days to complete. However, on occasions commissions could be ‘dropped in my lap’, as the saying goes, whereby everything became governed by the dreaded deadline – in which case I would put in an extra effort by working longer hours… Now and then I did manage to finish a piece in three to four days when required.”

Terry also painted a Brain Slayer for Out of the Pit, the cover for Issue #3 of Warlock Magazine, and even branched out into interior illustration with the FF gamebooks Black Vein Prophecy and The Crimson Tide.

If you would like to send Terry a birthday gift, why not visit Intercept Studios and purchase one of the prints of his Fighting Fantasy covers?

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