Friday 10 July 2020

Return to the Fan(dom) Zone

If you visit the Fan Zone of the Fighting Fantasy website, you will notice that it has grown over the last few weeks, as the Warlock has opened a number of new chambers in his dungeon beneath Firetop Mountain. As well as the Out of the Pit, Tricks & Traps, and Arcane Archive pages, there are now three new sections; Fan Fiction, Collectors' Corner, and Master Modellers.

This area of the Fighting Fantasy Fan Zone is where you can view original artwork created by the Fighting Fantasy community. Here you can browse through the amateur black and white, and colour artwork including line, pencil, charcoal, paint and other media sent to the site.
If you have designed a deathtrap worthy of Baron Sukumvit's infamous dungeon, or a cunning trick to fool an unwary adventurer venturing into the tunnels beneath Firetop Mountain, then share it with your fellow FF aficionados and we will display it for you here. 

The Arcane Archive is where you can study meticulous maps, drawn by other Fighting Fans, to help you negotiate your way through your favourite dark dungeons and dingy castles, and even gamebook solutions, if you need a little help completing some of the trickier titles.
A growing number of fans are writing stories inspired by their favourite Fighting Fantasy adventures, and the Fan Fiction section of the Fan Zone is where you will find them all collected together for your reading pleasure.
Do you have a Fighting Fantasy collection to rival Steve Jackson or Ian Livingstone? Do you have every edition of every gamebook ever published? Or a complete set of Fighting Fantasy board games? Or a growing collection of Atlantis miniatures? Or one of a hundred official items of merchandise connected to the world's best-selling gamebook series? If so, this is the place to share them with your fellow fans.

Are you a budding model maker or miniatures painter? Have you created 3D models based on your favourite pieces of 2D Fighting Fantasy art? Do you a fully painted set of miniatures from The Warlock of Firetop Mountain board game? You do? Well let's see them!

And so now it's over to you.

Send us your illustrations of Fighting Fantasy monsters, designs for your most fiendish deathtraps, your quest maps and adventure solutions, your fan fiction based on Fighting Fantasy gamebooks, photographs of your FF collections, and photos of your sculpted and painted miniatures, and we will add them to the official Fighting Fantasy website so that they can be enjoyed and appreciated by FF fans all over the world.

All such submissions should be sent in the form of an email, with any necessary attachments included, to

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