Wednesday 16 December 2020

The 12 Fighting Fantasy Days of Christmas - Day 8

Do you remember Rebel Planet, one of the most popular of the Fighting Fantasy science fiction titles?

Well, today, we can exclusively reveal that the gamebook's original author, Robin Waterfield, and series co-creator Ian Livingstone, have given permission for FF and gamebook superfan Mark Lain to turn the story into a graphic novel.

The artist taking on the art duties for this momentous project is none other than the adventure's original illustrator, Gary Mayes, who will be bringing the world of Rebel Planet to life in shimmering '80s monochrome!

The art in the graphic novel will all be new material and Gary will be producing a new colour cover for the book too. So set your hype-phasers to stun now, as the Kickstarter to fund production of the gamebook will be coming some time in 2021.

Watch this space for more news in the New Year...

Mark Lain is a regular attendee of the Fighting Fantasy: Virtual Beer-o and the next one is taking place on Wednesday 23rd December, from 7:45pm GMT, so you might be able to ask him more about the project then.

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