Friday 18 December 2020

The 12 Fighting Fantasy Days of Christmas - Day 9

Devastated by a killer virus, the world you once knew is a wilderness.

Life is lawless and dangerous. Survivors like you either live in scattered, fortified towns, or roam outside as bandits. YOUR mission is to cross the wilderness to the far-distant oil-refinery at San Anglo and bring vital supplies back to the peaceful town of New Hope. Even in the armed Dodge Interceptor you are given, the journey will be wild and perilous. Will YOU survive?

Coming next year to a Messenger App near you is the Freeway Fighter Chatbot, FF13.

Having started life as a Fighting Fantasy Gamebook, in recent years Freeway Fighter has been turned into a limited run of comics and graphic novel, but in 2021 you will be able to play Ian Livingstone's much-loved post-apocalyptic adventure again via the Messenger App on your phone, tablet or PC.

This new version has been developed by the Hungary-based team at Talk-A-Bot along with Ian Livingstone.

Below is a screenshot to give you an idea of what the Freeway Fighter Chatbot will look like.

As ever, keep checking and follow Fighting Fantasy on social media - via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to be kept up to date with all developments.

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