Friday 4 December 2020

The 12 Fighting Fantasy Days of Christmas - Day 2

Ever wondered what your Fighting Fantasy collection is worth? Or are you curious just how many editions of your favourite gamebooks have been published over the years? Then you need the Fighting Fantasy Collector.

Jamie Fry, the Fighting Fantasy Collector

Jamie Fry has been curating his collection over many years and it includes some very hard to come by items. He has even become part of the collection himself, since acquiring a Fighting Fantasy tattoo!

Jamie Fry's Fighting Fantasy-inspired tattoo bearing the motto,
'May your STAMINA never fail'.

Each year he publishes his Fighting Fantasy Checklist & Price Guide, and while the 2020 edition is out of print he is looking to bring it to DriveThruRPG, so watch this space. He also occasionally sells some of the pieces from his personal collection.

If you have some unusual items in your collection that your think the Fighting Fantasy Collector needs to know about, then you can contact him via his Facebook page.

And if you have a collection you are proud of, we would love to hear about it. Simply email some photographs of your collection - along with a brief paragraph about it, highlighting any specific elements you like - to, and you could end up appearing in Collector's Corner on the official Fighting Fantasy website.

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