Wednesday, 1 September 2021

Creature of Havoc comes to Fighting Fantasy Classics

The necromancer Zharradan Marr is close to stealing the secrets of Elven magic and none can stop him. YOU are the Creature of Havoc, a monstrous beast with a taste for fighting. Ruled only by hunger and rage, you have no knowledge of your past or destiny. Will you stop Marr or succumb to his evil?

Steve Jackson's seminal Fighting Fantasy gamebook Creature of Havoc has joined the other titles on the Fighting Fantasy Classics shelf on Steam, courtesy of Tin Man Games.

Featuring Alan Langford's original illustrations, this is a faithful adaptation of what, for many, is the ultimate gamebook.

An appointment with Zharradan Marr and his minions awaits you! Dare you face the mighty Darramouss or ride the Galleykeep, a flying ship of great renown?

“This book has what must be one of the densest and most satisfying plots of any FF, which, through constant changes of location, ongoing aims, and self-awareness, remains compelling and pretty intense throughout.” - Mathus Dire

Any die-hard Fighting Fantasy fan will tell you that this gamebook is brutal, but brilliant. Steve Jackson really found his stride with Creature of Havoc, the 24th book in the original Puffin paperback run. It is also one of the longest gamebooks in the series and includes a detailed background into the goings-on in Trolltooth Pass. Enjoy the pain, revel in becoming the beast, and seek out the truth! Grab it NOW!

If you're new to Fighting Fantasy Classics, now is a great time to try them out, with these two great bundle deals available now!

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