Friday 1 April 2022

Perils in the Lands of Titan

Available now from Scriptarium is Périls dans les contrées de Titan, a collection of ten scenarios for the Advanced Fighting Fantasy RPG. Many of the adventures contained within the book have previously been published in English, but some are unique to this new French language title.

Included among the scenarios are Deathtrap on Legs by Paul Mason and Steve Williams (which originally appeared in Issue #7 of Warlock magazine), Ring of Seven Terrors by Graeme Davis (from Issue #9 of Warlock), and The Floating Dungeon of Varrak Aslur by Jonathan Hicks (first published by Arion Games in PDF format).

The adventures take place across all three major continents of the world of Titan, and vary in both length and difficulty. If you would like your own copy of Périls dans les contrées de Titan, you can purchase it direct from Scriptarium's own online store.

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