Friday 15 April 2022

Who knows what monstrous creatures lie in wait in the Citadel of Chaos?

Citadel of Chaos is the latest release from Arion Games for the Advanced Fighting Fantasy RPG.

Based upon the classic gamebook by Steve Jackson, this epic adventure will take you deep into the eponymous Citadel to face (and hopefully defeat) defeat the evil Balthus Dire. 

Deep inside the Citadel of Chaos the dread sorcerer, Balthus Dire, is plotting and scheming the downfall of the good folk of Salamonis. His battle plans are laid, his awesome army is gathering, and attack is surely imminent.

Summoned by a desperate plea for help, only YOU and your companions can undertake a mission which strikes at the very heart of Balthus Dire’s nightmare world.

The Citadel holds a dark and dangerous peril for anyone foolhardy enough to venture through its gruesome gates. And yet venture you must, for your mission lies at the heart of the Citadel. Many dangers lie ahead and your success is by no means certain. Powerful adversaries are ranged against you and often your only choice is to kill or be killed!

This massive adventure contains a lot of new information about the Citadel and its inhabitants, detailed areas, encounters and enemies, pregenerated heroes and a lot more. Likely to take a good many sessions to play through, this new adventure will give your players an experience they will never forget!

Citadel of Chaos contains Prologue ideas to get the Heroes to the Citadel, a four Act adventure with 85 Scenes,  Black Sorcery - a new Magic style, additional lore, and pregenerated Heroes.

You can pick up Citadel of Chaos and the whole Advanced Fighting Fantasy range here.

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