Thursday 1 September 2022

40th Anniversary Fighting Fantasy titles released today!

Today, the Warlock is delighted to announce the release of the two new Fighting Fantasy gamebooks, published to celebrate 40 years of The Warlock of Firetop Mountain!

Secrets of Salamonis, by Steve Jackson

Do YOU have what it takes to become a hero? Travelling to the ancient city of Salamonis to make your fortune, YOU must decide whether to join the Strongarms guarding the merchant caravans that criss-cross Allansia, or study at the famous Halls of Learning. Will you enter Bu Fon Fen in search of Cauldronweed, or rid King Salamon's Mine of the pests that plague it? Will you bring Cardinal Zyn to justice, or set off in search of the horn of the Black Unicorn? And just who is the Shivering Man, and what does he have to do with the mystery of the screaming sky? It is down to YOU to uncover the secrets of Salamonis!

Shadow of the Giants, by Sir Ian Livingstone

When an ancient artifact is discovered inside Firetop Mountain, its evil magic unleashes terrifying Iron Giants upon the world. In a race against time, YOU must find the only person who knows how to defeat them. Where does he live? Will he help? Will YOU survive?

Don't forget, Steve Jackson and Sir Ian Livingstone will be signing copies of their new 40th anniversary Fighting Fantasy titles at Fighting Fantasy Fest 4, on Saturday 3 September 2022 at the University of West London in Ealing.

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