Friday 9 September 2022

Fighting Fantazine #17

It may have been five years in the making, but Fighting Fantazine Issue #17 is here at last. In fact, it was released on the 40th birthday of The Warlock of Firetop Mountain!

Edited by Alexander Ballingall, the magazine features a cover by FF alumnus Tony Hough that teases the brand new FF adventure Barbarian Warlord, written by AFF author Andrew Wright, with illustrations by Johan Tieldow.

Barbarian Warlord is a fantasy epic unlike any other, but one that could only be published in a fanzine. Read it for yourself to find out why!

There is also the 'regular' Omens and Auguries news feature, the Arcane Archive, The Fact of Fiction, this time featuring The Keep of the Lich-Lord, and an interview with Dave Morris, one of the co-authors of the forty-third FF gamebook.

To top it off, there's the Rogue's Guide to Kharé and Kakhabad, and the second part of the AFF adventure, The Hunt for the Black Whale.

Fighting Fantazine Issue #17 is available as a free to download PDF but can also be purchased as a physical print copy. To find out more, visit the Fighting Fantazine website.

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