Wednesday 23 August 2023

The Warlock Returns - Issue #10

Available now from Arion Games is Issue #10 of The Warlock Returns, the Advanced Fighting Fantasy fanzine. And this one is a very special issue, as it includes a tribute to the late great Russ Nicholson.

Also included within this issue you will find...

* Denizens of the Pit - More of Titan's spawn from the Pit! 
* Staff Pick: Russ's Art - Fanzine contributors with their favourite art 
* Director advice articles with rumours and plot hooks
* Murder Aboard the Clytemnestra - Stellar Adventures solo game
* AFF Village Creator - How to craft a village for your games
* The Legend of Gareus comic and agony aunt page
* Stellar Adventures: Into the Doors of Eryx - Part III

and more!

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