Saturday 7 September 2019

Fighting Fantasy Fest 3

A week ago, Fighting Fantasy fans from the world over* poured into the University of West London to enjoy a day of talks, signings, gaming and interactive shows at Fighting Fantasy Fest 3.

They were joined on the day by a host of guests, including Guests of Honour Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone, artist Russ Nicholson, and former Puffin Books commissioning editor Geraldine Cooke.

Ian Livingstone, Russ Nicholson, Steve Jackson, and Geraldine Cooke.

Highlights of the day included the release of the limited edition hardback of Ian Livingstone's new Fighting Fantasy gamebook, Assassins of Allansia, the launch of Atlantis Miniatures' FF Legends range, Steve Jackson's House of Hell LIVE, the Fighting Fantasy Auction, a special performance of John Robertson's The Dark Room, and a return to Deathtrap Dungeon.

The weekend's festivities actually kicked off on the Friday night, with the You Are The Beer-o: The Forester of Doom pub quiz, to raise funds for the UK Sepsis Trust, in memory of FF fan Neil Taylor.

The Forester of Doom Quizmaster Bryan Howarth, and You Are The Beer-o organiser James Aukett.

The winning pub quiz team, Zanbar's Rag and Bone Men.

At Fighting Fantasy Fest 3 itself, a Bring and Buy stand was run for the first time, with commission from sales made on the day also going to charity, and a final collection was taken after the Ian Livingstone and John Robertson's Return to Deathtrap Dungeon at the end of the day.

In total, including the money raise by the pub quiz itself - including the donation made by quizmaster Bryan Howarth, which was revealed to be hidden with the Warlock's treasure chest - and that collected on the day, the total amount raised for the UK Sepsis Trust was...


Thank you to everyone for their generosity, everyone who came to the events - including guests, traders, and adventurers - and we'll see you again next time, at Fighting Fantasy Fest 4!

* Including, but not limited to, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Australia, and New Zealand.

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