Thursday 21 July 2022

21 July 2022

Today is 21 July 2022 or, as some of you will know it, Freeway Fighter pandemic day!

Having witnessed how a pandemic has affected the human race on your Earthly Plane over the last couple of years, the Warlock could quite easily believe that Sir Ian Livingstone was having some kind of prophetic vision when he wrote Freeway Fighter, predicting how people would react when faced by a threat of an unstoppable illness.

You can enjoy his vision of a world given over to lawlessness in which petrol has become increasingly unobtainable, in one of several ways. First there is the seminal Fighting Fantasy gamebook, first published in 1985 and featuring cover art by celebrated SF artist Jim Burns*. Secondly, you can relive the adventure via Viber, and thirdly, as part of the Fighting Fantasy Classics app. And fourth, there is the graphic novel prequel to Freeway Fighter published by Titan Comics in 2017.

* Not once, but twice!

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