Sunday 16 July 2017

The Legendary Adventurer's Backpack

There are now less than 7 weeks to go until Fighting Fantasy Fest 2, on Saturday 2nd September 2017!

Tickets will remain on sale until 8:00am on the morning of the event, one hour before doors open, but please remember, entry is only with a pre-purchased ticket. There will not be any ticket sales on the door.

The Adventurer's Backpacks, however, will not be on sale so long, because we need to get t-shirts made and for you to choose which size you would like.

As well as the t-shirt and the event-exclusive bag itself, the Adventurer's Backpack also includes an event-exclusive lanyard and tag, an A4 art print, and a Balthus Dire miniature made by Otherworld Miniatures.

Don't forget, if you are in or around Ealing on the night of Friday 1st September, why not come around to You Are The Beer-O: Stout of the Pit, the regular meet-up for FF fans hosted by James Aukett, and join us for the world's first ever Fighting Fantasy pub quiz?

You can buy your ticket for the pub quiz here, through Eventbrite, which is also where you can pre-order your Adventurer's Backpack.

Please note that, while Fighting Fantasy Fest 2 is suitable for all ages, the pub quiz is for over 18s only.

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